From the 1930s, the Grande has hosted stays for city-dwellers who came to ‘take the waters’ at the mineral springs of Hepburn, just a five minute amble away… down a country lane.

Visitors came back year after year, bedding down in one of the Grande’s thirty-two tiny guest rooms in order to experience such proximity to the springs, the amazing forest backdrop and… very likely, the great vibe created by the Green family who built and owned the Grande. Besides the bathing, guests were provided a tennis court, music and dancing upon the sprung wooden floorboards of the current dining room, and there were walks, meals, and memories made amongst couples and families who became well-known to each other over time.

These days, we can’t squash you all in and have you share a shower down the hall. The Grande has been renovated and modernised to provide ten unique, comfortably-sized guest rooms, all with en suites. Some have garden or forest views, and others enjoy a spa or a bath. We also have a lounge bar, sunroom and tea station, verandahs, courtyards and gardens available to our guests. And we’re here to help you to make the most of your precious time away from home, and hopefully take back a few special memories of your own.